Throughout his UFC career, Chael Sonnen was able to talk his way to the limelight.

Sure, he scored some impressive wins, too — over the likes of Michael Bisping and Nate Marquardt. Those victories, in fact, earned him UFC middleweight title shots. But while his skills earned him opportunities, it seemed his mouth kept him there — win or lose.

Today, of course, he’s out of the UFC, and has been banned from MMA competition by the Nevada Athletic Commission following a series of failed drug tests.

But, it seems nothing’s changed. He’s still talking his way into the spotlight — and, he may have just gotten a marquee match at a major event (albeit in the grappling world).

On Wednesday, the former NCAA All-American from Oregon called out Tim Kennedy, saying “someone needs to tell him to shut up.”

Kennedy had evinced his frustration about UFC officiating during his bout with Yoel Romero at UFC 178. That night, Romero, who had been stunned in a Kennedy rally to end the second round, remained on his stool as the third round was to begin. Romero stayed seated as UFC officials were cleaning off excess Vaseline, receiving what Kennedy felt was an unfair amount of time to recover.

“When the fight’s done, when the pay-per-views are sold, when the cage is being torn down, shut up,” Sonnen said of Kennedy’s complaints. “Give the other guy his 15 minutes, whether he earned it or he was gifted it. Give him his 15 minutes and walk away.”

Kennedy responded yesterday to MMA Junkie, calling Sonnen “an ignorant idiot who doesn’t have any idea what he’s talking about.”

Kennedy was preparing for a hunting trip in his native Texas. According to Kennedy, he hasn’t been mentioning the incident lately, and video of him arguing with Romero after the bout was due to Romero “chasing me down after the fight, trying to apologize for cheating.”

“I haven’t said a thing for the past five weeks,” Kennedy said. “All I’ve been doing is hunting. But I guess I shouldn’t worry about it. It’s coming from a retired, PED using felon. Maybe he’s trying to promote a fight in (grappling event) Metamoris, and if that is the case, I will happily choke him out.”