Every soldier needs a mission, and Tim Kennedy – a former Strikeforce star who’s a Green Beret Special Forces operator when not in the Octagon – just might have his.

He wants to fight everyone who’s ever been busted for performance-enhancing drugs.

As per MMAFighting:

“I want to go fight every single one of them and beat the brakes off of them and kind of put a big exclamation mark that this is a new era of the sport, that the clean athletes, we’re going to smash every single one of you cheaters that have historically been making all the big money and cheating your way through it,” Kennedy said.

I’d say that’s a pretty noble cause, and though his last fight was a shady loss to Yoel Romero in 2014, Kennedy could theoretically defeat the Vitor Belforts and Dan Hendersons of the world now that they’re off the TRT sauce.

I say run with this storyline, Tim. It’s intriguing.