Tim Kennedy wants to fight again.

So, the former Strikeforce title contender and Army Ranger appeared on a recent edition of “Submission Radio” and attempted to “clear the air” regarding previous comments he has made about the UFC-Reebok apparel and clothing deal.

“Alright, I’m just going to go ahead and say that Reebok is the best apparel company on the planet. They spell names correctly, they have impeccable design that they really, really grasp the culture of mixed martial arts and especially all their unique cultures of the athletes that exist within it, and they’ve done the perfect job of marketing each of us individually and making us look the best that we can in every single fight,” he said. “Now that I’ve said that, hopefully I can have a fight. Obviously none of that is true and it’s like the opposite of every single one of those things, but okay, I’ve said it – and you can quote me on that, that those were my words – and now I’ll probably get a fight.”

So who would Kennedy pick if he could select anyone to return against? Easy.

“Probably if Anderson Silva beats Bisping – which I don’t think he will – but if he does, that would be my dream fight, is to wreck Anderson Silva in a round,” Kennedy said.

The 36-year-old has kept busy since a 2014 loss to Yoel Romero snapped his four-fight win streak. He’s been filming a television show and was deployed by the U.S. government when the UFC asked about a matchup with former champion Lyoto Machida.

“I was in Las Vegas last week for work and I was trying to link up with Joe (Silva) for a lunch. Unfortunately, he was at a fight so I missed him, but it is not a question about who I want to fight or when I want to fight. They offered me Lyoto Machida at the end of March, but I’m going to be deployed for the military and it’s for the US Army, and they’re really hard to say ‘no’ to,” he said. “Like, by hard, I mean they’ll put me in prison if I say ‘no’. Yeah. So I couldn’t fight at the end of March, I asked for a different date. Lyoto would be a fun fight; Anderson would be a really easy fight. So obviously I’d prefer to beat up a former champ, steroid user – and stylistically it’s an easier match. But ether way, as soon as I get back from this deployment I would love to fight WHOEVER they want.”