He was a top dog in Strikeforce and did well for himself in the UFC, but it’s no secret that Tim Kennedy’s greatest hits took place as a Special Forces operator fighting enemies of the state. And now, after getting soundly defeated by Kelvin Gastelum, Kennedy is calling it quits.

As per his Facebook:

Sitting in the ER at Saint Michael’s hospital in Toronto, Canada after my fight, I looked up at my buddy Nick Palmisciano who had ridden in the ambulance with me. He is a friend I didn’t deserve and guy that stood with me from the beginning. Fighting is a lonely thing. You train with your team. You bleed with them. You trust your coaches but ultimately you are in the cage alone. This wasn’t our first time in this situation and thankful I had someone by my side. We had been here a few times in our past decade together. Sometimes for wins and sometimes for losses. The end result always looked the same: Nick carrying five bags that should have been split among three corners and me and my face are bleeding and swollen. “That’s it man,” I said. “We’re all done.”

Follow the link and read the rest of his statement. It’s pretty touching to see him thank and show respect for his past opponents.