Call me old fashioned, but unless you’re getting a giant U.S. Marine Corps globe and anchor across your chest to complete your initiation into the GI Joe Team, an elaborate tattoo is perhaps a little too much.

Case in point: This fine piece of artwork, which some “superfan” decided was a good idea to put on themselves in honor of their presumed favorite MMA fighter.

Granted, it’s a pretty damn good likeness of Conor McGregor – kudos to the tattoo artist for not messing that one up – but come on, what’s going to happen when McGregor eventually loses?

And how are you going to explain that doozy to your grandkids? “Oh, this one? Yeah, see, 60 years ago there was this Irish cagefighter…”

It could be worse, I guess. Someone could’ve gotten a tattoo of Sage Northcutt.