Well according to his urine tests, Thiago Silva may be ahem..another species. Silva submitted a urine sample to the NSAC in January after his fight against Brandon Vera at UFC 125. The sample was rejected after the NSAC found it to be “inconsistent with that of a human.” Woops…

This could mean one of two things, either Silva messed around with his OWN urine sample or simply used another species’ for the sample (ie. a dog, cat, or gorilla-ape, which is my guess.)

The NSAC asked for the sample to have “additional processing” after Silva’s vicious beatdown of Vera, who suffered a hideously broken nose.

Silva hasn’t received his slap on the hand yet, but is expected to appear in front of the NSAC on April 7th, to discuss a “potential temporary suspension.” At that time he will also be able to appeal and request a formal hearing.

*Source: MMA Mania