Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

We live in an ever-changing world that often seems cruel and unfair. But sometimes heroes emerge, and when they do, they should be cherished.

Khabib Nurmagomedov may have a hard time making it into the Octagon at times, but he’s awesome when he does, and more importantly, when he’s outside of the cage and among fans, he’s awesome as well.

Below is a clip Nurmagomedov posted to Instagram. He’s socking a fan in the gut. This isn’t the first time a fighter has done that at a fan’s request, but if you look around in the video, you’ll notice that these fans aren’t just some drunk American rednecks hooting and acting stupid. Nurmagomedov, you see, is an international star – a Muslim combat sports athlete, actually – and maybe he realizes it or maybe doesn’t, but he’s doing something great.

He’s bridging a sometimes perilously huge gap using sports.

The world needs Khabib Nurnagomedov.