The last episode of The Ultimate Fighter season 16 aired tonight, and it contained one of the more impressive bouts that happened all season. This season was well known for having too many finishes and boring fights outside of the opening round to get in the house. In the semifinals, the first bout was between Colton Smith and Jon Manley. The bout was tepid as most had been all season. Smith utilized his wrestling and clinch game to wear down Manley. He walked away with a clear cut win, but did nothing to impress anyone.

Mike Ricci stepped up in a huge way in his semifinal bout even if he felt bad for finishing a teammate. From the start of the bout with Neil Magny he had control. Dropping him in the very beginning of the bout the two clinched against the cage as Magny regained his footing. From there as the two made their way to the feet Ricci dropped a huge elbow on the temple of Magny’s head. It knocked him out completely cold. It was a scary knockout too as Magny was clearly out of it when he finally came to.

This sets up a match between Colton Smith and Mike Ricci for the final that is set to air on December 15th on FX. Ricci also has a chance to make history in being the first Ultimate Fighter to come from Canada. The coaches battle is no more as an injury to Shane Carwin’s knee forced him out of the bout, and Matt Mitrione stepped in to take the main event. In Dana White’s eyes these are the two best fighters that entered the show, and they actually made it to the finals.