A few years ago, Dana White had dreams of making MMA the biggest sport in the world. People scoffed at the idea of MMA beating the leading sport giants of soccer and football, but it looks like he may have just done that. In accordance with the UFC being broadcast in most countries it looks like their premier reality television show is going global. They have their first addition in Brazil right now, but it looks like India is next.

“We’ve been around for a long time. I’ve heard this, the question you just asked me I have heard a million times about a million different leagues. We will see what happens with us and the Super Fight League. We’re on TV there now. Let me ask you this, and you can answer this question yourself. The UFC is absolutely 100-percent coming to India, it is happening. We are on television there now, and we will be looking for fighters to do the Ultimate Fighter (TUF) in India. So if anybody over in India that is considered talented, or whatever, do they want to fight in the Super Fight League, or do they want to fight in the UFC? That’s up to them. We will be going over there and we’re going to be putting together the same show. Obviously the show that these guys are doing is a rip off and a copy of what we do. So, we’ll see what happens, we’ll see how this whole thing plays out. But I’m pretty confident we are going to do alright over in India.”

This is what Dana spoke of at the post fight press conference at yesterday’s event. He also mentioned Canada, the Philippines, and an edition based in Australia that would be Australians vs. the UK. While all of this is nice, a fan has to wonder how many top fighters will be locked up coaching. It is customary for big name fighters to be the coaches of each edition especially fighters specific to each country. It’s nice to see that the sport growing, but it could end up hurting it if they logjam divisions by spreading their fighters too thin with multiple editions running at the same time.