If you were planning on going to the UFC’s April event at Madison Square Garden, cancel that plane ticket. Today, a federal judge ruled on the preliminary injunction that would’ve allowed the UFC to circumvent New York State’s ban on professional MMA – and her ruling was not in the UFC’s favor.

As per Fightland:

Had Wood ruled in favor of the injunction, the door would have been open for the UFC to go ahead with a planned event at Madison Square Garden on April 23, the first professional MMA event in New York since the state banned the sport in 1997. Last week, lawyers for Zuffa and the UFC sent a request to Judge Wood asking her to make a decision on their request for an injunction by today, January 25, so that the UFC would have time to plan and market the April event. If she didn’t, their request letter stated, the UFC “will reluctantly be compelled to immediately take the necessary steps to lock in and market an arena outside New York for the April 23rd event.”

Well, Judge Wood was good enough to honor the UFC’s request by making a ruling today but not so good as to rule in the promotion’s favor.

While this news does suck for the UFC and those in New York waiting patiently for the law to change, it’s not the end of the world – or the fight. All signs in the political arena point to the governor and/or the legislature changing the law by March 31. Although that’s too late for the April show, it’s not to late for the rumored UFC event at MSG in September.

The UFC’s lawsuit to change the law may have taken a hit today, but the battle is on the cusp of being won.