The UFC’s deal with FOX – which was made in 2011 and garners them about $115 million a year – expires soon, and given that the company is now valued in excess of $4 billion, guess how much the UFC will be asking for going forward?

$415 million a year. That’s, uh, that’s pretty huge. Here’s Sports Business Daily with the deets:

When the UFC was for sale earlier this summer, the company told potential buyers that it expected to see a nearly fourfold increase in its media rights revenue.

Its magic number is $450 million a year, a potentially staggering increase from the $115 million annual average that Fox Sports now pays, according to several media and UFC sources.

Although formal negotiations aren’t expected to start until next year, network executives have learned that the UFC plans to seek at least a 10-year deal under those terms, sources said.

The UFC’s current media deal with Fox Sports, seen as a watershed moment for the series when it was signed in 2011, ends in 2018. Fox Sports has an exclusive window to negotiate a renewal starting in late 2017.