Forgot the fact that tonight will see one of Bellator’s biggest events ever, and tomorrow’s UFC installment is a minor affair relegated to the nether region of Fight Pass, because UFC strawweight champ Joanna Jędrzejczyk is determined to scare challenger Jessica Penne into submission and then beat her into unconsciousness.

And the “scare” part of that equation just went down at the official weigh-ins.

Watch the video below and you’ll see both ladies make weight. You’ll also see Penne try to hand her foe a ring – she’s drawn comparisons between Jędrzejczyk and the Lord of the Rings character “Gollum” – and Jędrzejczyk give Penne a necklace made of penne pasta. Then there’s pretty much indecipherable trash talk, but you get the point: the champ has the challenger shook.

I don’t know what’s more awesome about Jędrzejczyk: the fact that she’s an ass-kicker or that she’s winning these fights mentally before the ref even says “go”.