While professional wrestling and MMA are two different forms of entertainment, that hasn’t stopped several names from attempting to compete in both fields. Most have made it big in one and failed in the other.

Then there are those select few who have been able to make the switch smoothly and introduce themselves to a new audience in the process. Those are the ones that have shown their talents work in more than one facet.

Below are five of the top professional wrestling and MMA crossovers.

Ken Shamrock

ken shamrock

The first major name to make it big in MMA and professional wrestling was Ken Shamrock. Before the UFC, Shamrock found success in Pancrase. He would join the WWE in 1997 and later refereed the famous Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin match from Wrestlemania 13.

Instantly, Shamrock was in there with two of the biggest names in the WWE at the time. In his first year, he would challenge Hart and Shawn Michaels for the WWE championship, though he was unsuccessful in winning the biggest prize in the business.

The following year, he would win the King of the Ring tournament and intercontinental championship. That would be the height of his wrestling career, as he returned to MMA in 2000. It wasn’t the same Shamrock when he returned, as he would lose a majority of his fights.