Burt Watson is the man behind the curtain. According to Dana White he has been with the company since the beginning, and the best at what he does. You may ask what is it that he does exactly? Many fans see him at the weigh-ins or in Dana’s video blogs, but this video does answer some of the questions about Burt.

As coined by Joe Rogan, he is “the babysitter to the stars.” This is essentially true as he caters to the fighters so that they will do what he needs when the time comes. He does a lot more than that though. He is a part motivational speaker, part chef, part driver, and part gear supplier. Some of the highlights of the video have to be the appearance of fighters. From Nick Diaz’s always standoffish attitude to GSP’s imitation of some of Burt’s more well known phrases to the fighters. The video just shows another important part to the machine that is the UFC.