Anthony ‘Rumble‘ Johnson (9-3) pulls the win over the Englishman, Dan ‘The Outlaw‘ Hardy (23-9) on his return from a  lofty lay-off due to a knee injury. The crowd booed the much larger Johnson throughout the fight for using his superior wrestling and weight to hold down the striker for three rounds to come away with the decision.

Here is the live play-by-play

Round One:
The two touch gloves and circle. Johnson opens with a low left kick. Johnson lands a big head kick that drops Dan Hardy even though Hardy had hands up. Dan pops up in the clinch and Johnson drives him back down. Johnson now in full guard postures up and drops large punches to the face of Hardy. Hardy almost grabs an armbar but Johnson easily pulls arm out. Johnson moves to half-guard and Hardy goes for a kimura but unable to finish. Hardy works hard to get Johnson back in his full guard surviving the end of the round. Caged Insider has Anthony Johnson winning the round 10-9

Round Two:
Johnson again gets the takedown, this time against the fence. Johnson starts to ground and pound again, and Hardy attacks an arm again with a kimura that  gets some torque but Johnson breaks loose. Johnson continuously slips punches from the top in Hardy’s guard. The ref. stands them with 30 sec. and  Johnson attempts a takedown that runs Hardy across the cage before getting him down to end the round. Caged Insider has Anthony Johnson winning the round 10-9.

Round Three:
Hardy starts the round with an attempted takedown and Johnson reverses the takedown and returns to top control in the guard of Hardy. Hardy again goes for the kimura but Johnson pulls away. Hardy switches to the other arm with a kimura but again unable to finish. Johnson uses the small scramble to take Hardy’s back and Hardy gets away.  Johnson shoots in again and gets takedown and again goes straight to Hardy’s back. Unable to get the RNC but is able to land some small punches from the back. Johnson attempts a rear naked choke and transfers to an arm triangle that Hardy barely counters by circling. Johnson goes for a head torque but after hardy slips he transfers to simple punches to the face to end the round.
Caged Insider has Anthony Johnson winning the round 10-8

Official: unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27, 30-27

Rumble Johnson‘ now carries UFC wins over Dan Hardy, Luigi Fioravanti, Kevin Burns, Tommy Speer, and Chad Reiner.