To understand what makes the greats great, is to know their inspiration. For former long running UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva that would be boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. If you’ve watched the RJJ highlights above, you should notice the same demeanor that Silva has shown throughout his career. From the dancing around in combat, to the hands down, pop-shot hooks from the waist.

Prior to the loss to Weidman, Anderson had only professed a desire to fight two men — himself (not kidding) and Roy Jones Jr. When you have such a respect for someone you’ve admired, it only makes sense that you’d want to challenge yourself. UFC president Dana White had recently let the media know that he has been in touch with Jones Jr. and that he may be joining the UFC shortly — and may even battle Anderson. Rumors have also recently circulated via The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast that RJJ has been having tax issues and that he’s in search of a big payday with the UFC. Unfortunately the Silva fight will not happen any time soon as Dec. 28 is the set rematch date of Weidman vs. Silva.

Here’s Anderson’s highlights to compare.