For any given UFC, there are one or more video production crews flitting about, creating content to feed the hype machine that ultimately fuels the UFC PR mecha-beast. Sometimes it’s just a couple of dudes with cameras, editing their footage together into installments released on YouTube. Other times it’s more than that, deeper stuff that’s involves interviews and narration by celebs like Anthony Bourdain.

As you can imagine, UFC 189 – with it’s Conor McGregor/Jose Aldo/Chad Mendes love triangle – has had tons of content being created in its honor. Heck, there was even a video series about the world tour McGregor and Aldo went on months ago. And people watched it!

Anyway, here’s the usual “Countdown” installment on McGregor and Mendes. By this point, you’ve probably seen all angles of the pre-fight stuff, so maybe there’s nothing here that will surprise you. However, if you’ve somehow abstained from watching the plethora of vids released in honor of this bout, then this is the one to watch.

That is, until the video shot in black and white with cameras attached to peoples’ shoes and narrated by howling wolves comes out. Then watch that one.