Although Chan Sung Jung earned the best nickname in MMA thanks to his ridiculous toughness and chin, “The Korean Zombie” is unfortunately no match for injuries which require surgery.

Jung not only dislocated his right shoulder during his UFC 163, stoppage loss to featherweight champ Jose Aldo on August 3rd, but “TKZ” also broke his orbital bone. Initially, Jung relayed that he didn’t think his shoulder would require surgery (since doctors were able to pop it back in) but evidently that wasn’t the case.

As a result of the two surgeries, “TKZ’s” manager Brian Rhee recently told MMA

“Most likely, he’ll be out a year,” Rhee said about the 26 year-old fighter, “but that depends on how rehab goes.”

Of course, the news sucks not only because Jung is one of the promotion’s most entertaining fighters, but also because “TKZ” just returned from a lengthy stint on the sidelines due to surgery on his left shoulder. When Jung fought Aldo on August 3rd, it marked the first time he had fought since May, 2012, when he choked out Dustin Poirier.

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