The consensus amongst fans and pundits seems to be that Jose Aldo was well on his way to his 16th straight win, even before Chan Sung Jung’s shoulder popped out and he was put away with strikes. So, in other words, it may not have been Aldo’s most memorable performance, but he got the job done (a battered foot evidently played a factor as well).

Now that said, “The Korean Zombie” had begun to step up his pursuit of the UFC Featherweight Champion shortly before the fight came to it’s unfortunate end. Considering how big an underdog Jung was heading into the bout it was a very respectable outing. Perhaps this is why following UFC 163, “TKZ” relayed he’s more than willing to throw down with the planet’s best featherweight once again (quote via MMA

“As far as the rematch goes, I would love to get a rematch,” he said. “I would love to ask for a rematch, but I think there are other people that are waiting in line, and I probably have to get a couple more wins in the division before they’ll give me another shot at the title.”

“It was really painful when it first separated, but they took us back to the medical room, and they popped it back into place,” Jung noted about his shoulder. “It feels OK.”

As Jung referred to, there are indeed several other guys who are waiting for a crack at Aldo, including Ricardo Lamas, Cub Swanson, maybe Chad Mendes again, and who knows, Anthony Pettis. Here’s hoping, however, that “TKZ” is back soon and gets matched up with another top contender.

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