If the currency journalists trade in is “truth”, what public relations specialists trade in something less factual. Not outright lies, mind you, but something molded and shaped. Something spun.

Case in point: The PR rep working to rehabilitate the image of former UFC champ Jon Jones. Not too long ago, Jones was running red lights and crashing into cars, and fleeing with wads of cash into the night. But now he’s reached a plea agreement, and his punishment is a mountain of community service.

Yet according to Jones’ PR rep, that community service ain’t no thang. He was doing it before this whole mess ever started!

As per MMAJunkie:

So far, the ex-UFC light heavyweight champion appears to be off to a quick start, his PR rep told MMAjunkie. Jones spoke at two juvenile detention centers, a school and a martial arts studio.

But while the work is court-mandated, it’s nothing new, said Denise White, CEO of EAG Sports Management. She forwarded the video above of Jones at the Albuquerque Boys and Girls Club, which he visited on several occasions.

“He’s been speaking at schools and kids organizations for quite some time,” White told MMAjunkie. “His message is a little different now.”

“His message to kids now is one that is very poignant,” White said. “He just has a great message to tell these kids about coming back from adversity and righting your wrongs and not making the same mistakes twice.”

I know it’s this lady’s job to brush the dust off her client and make him look all shiny and sparkling, but… ugh.

“Way before this all happened, but a lot during his time off, people wondered what he was doing,” she said. “What he was doing was a) training, and b) going and hanging out with the kids at the Boys and Girls Club, which I thought was really good for him. Obviously, he has something to tell them.”