He may not be at Jason “Mayhem” Miller’s level of self-destruction, but man oh man, Jon Jones is certainly riding the express train to Disaster-ville.

As usual, TMZ has the scoop:

UFC superstar Jon Jones called a police officer a “f**king liar” and a “pig” during a heated exchange in New Mexico last week … and TMZ Sports has the footage.

It all went down when Jon was pulled over in his white Corvette on suspicion of drag racing around midnight Thursday night.

The encounter was definitely heated from the beginning — the officer making it clear he was NOT happy with Jones.

But Jon — who is on probation from a hit and run conviction — doesn’t take kindly to the officer’s tone and starts to bark back … at one point calling him a “f*cking liar” and a “pig.”

He added, “You’re despicable.”

The officer replied, “I feel the same way about you sir.”

TMZ transcribed what was said, but just watch the video below and you get the gist.

You can say “Jon Jones needs a driver instead of getting behind the wheel”, but there comes a point when you just have to hope someone saves Jones from himself.