Dennis Hallman appeared in a video interview with Frank Trigg today to let out the real story behind the drama of his bout at UFC on FX 5. It looks like the personal issues that are plaguing the fighter are a lot worse than anyone could imagine. According to Hallman, his wife has had a long term drug problem that has recently been coming to a head. His plan was to have an intervention and send her off to rehab. Unfortunately, she got wind of it and that is when it all hit the fan.

She tried to call the cops on Hallman claiming abuse. Luckily for Hallman Bryan Caraway and Miesha Tate happened to be at the house when this went down, and hear Hallman’s wife say she would fake the abuse. So, when the cops arrive they corroborated with his story, and nothing happened, but that is not where this ends. His wife went to a judge the next day and filed a temporary restraining order and gained custody of their daughter who was taken from Dennis by the cops. Also, despite having a pending DWI charge against her she was also granted rights to their family car.

The athlete that Hallman is, he still tried to perform and compete going to the fights. He said the weight issues were not as bad as reported as him and Tavares had agreed to weigh in three pounds over the 155 weight limit, and that was a weight Dennis could make. Unfortunately, in Hallman’s words he had a nervous breakdown at the fights and that is when Dana got involved. After conveying his tale of woe to the UFC president Dana gave him a hug, told him the fight was off, cut him a check for his show and win fees to help with the bills, and put him on a plane back home.

Dennis said after this situation no one can talk bad about the UFC and especially Dana. He said that because of their support he is able to make it through this, and he has high expectations to get his family back together and clean. He understands being cut by the UFC and hopes to make it back their after a few wins of the regional circuit once his life is in order. Another way the UFC has helped is thy gave every fighter an iPad for Christmas, and Hallman said he had recorded some of his wife’s actions under the influence on the iPad such as falling asleep over the dryer or in the refrigerator. He hopes that evidence will help in expediting his daughter back to his care. We all hope the same for the veteran of the sport.