Conor McGregor lost in spectacular fashion on Saturday night at UFC 196, so everyone on the planet has been posting hot takes galore.

Now the Gawker site has joined the fray. Their take? That it was good that McGregor lost.

McGregor is, quite clearly, not unbeatable, and he needed to learn that just as much as fans did. Now he can go back, reevaluate, and learn how to properly fight against bigger dudes. He can shore up his weaknesses instead of just shining up his strengths. Heck, maybe he’ll even consider countering a little more, using the skills that got him to the UFC in the first place, rather than slowly destroying himself. In the meantime, he can finally go defend his goddamn featherweight belt, unfreezing that division from Han-Solo-esque stasis, and loosening up the 170 and 155 lb divisions too. Everybody wins. Well, except whoever ends up losing.

Hm, okay.

By the way, Kotaku is a sister site to Deadspin, and Deadspin has absolutely reveled in McGregor losing.