Every fighter wants to leave behind a lasting legacy. The list complied below exams the idea of a fighter’s legacy and looks at the greatest MMA win-loss records of all time (as of now).

It is base on several factors: total wins and losses, the quality of the wins and losses, the time period of both the fighter and their opponents. Only fighters with at least 20 wins make the list. At least five consecutive wins (without a draw) must be from premier organizations (UFC, Pride, Strikeforce). Each fighter appearing on the list cannot exceed 10 losses. (I would love to make an exception for Dan Severn, but it wouldn’t be fair.)

Hope you enjoy!

4. Georges St. Pierre (22-2) – An extremely likable public persona and a string of wins against high-caliber opponents has landed “Rush” on the all-time records list. GSP has a handful of signature beatdowns, including the complete destruction of Josh Koscheck’s eye and Sean Sherk’s nose. GSP is the epitome of the “complete mixed martial artist” that everyone thinks you need to be in the UFC. If this were your standard pound-for-pound list, GSP would be at number two (or perhaps even one). However, because of the nature of this list, he will remain at the bottom. The issue for Georges is performance quality. He has a lot of wins by decision. And that’s perfectly fine. What’s not fine are the reasons why those wins are decisions. In the Koscheck fight, GSP is clearly on another level. He has the guy one-eyed, hurt bad, and clearly frustrated. So why was that fight so forgettable? Similarly, his fights against Dan Hardy and Thiago Alves left something to be desired. You can argue that, among the greatest fighters in the world, no one has a more impressive list of opponents than GSP. Most of those fights are during big moments. Alves was at UFC 100. Koscheck and Jake Shields were in his home country. None of them were even remotely memorable. Performance quality is what keeps GSP from advancing farther on the list. As silly as this sounds, GSP has a lot more potential. He’s simply not using it.