If you thought that the UFC getting sold for $4.2 billion last year was a shock, then hold onto your hats: That wasn’t even the highest bid.

According to UFC honcho Dana White, an entity made a purchase offer of $5 billion.

That is… one hell of a lot of money. Or at least one hell of an inflated valuation. But whatever.

(Note: I actually know the attorney who did the due diligence for that other entity; White ain’t lying.)

Here’s MMAJunkie with the mind-numbing details:

“There were two groups that came in for more money than (current UFC co-owner) Ari (Emanuel),” said UFC President Dana White on the UFC Fight Pass series “The Exchange.” “There was one for $5 billion.”

The problem, according to White, was that he and brothers Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta weren’t sold on the other bidders’ vision for the new company.

“There’s people who I believe add value,” he said. “One of the million things that I respect about the Fertittas – they weren’t just going to let this thing go for the money. They were going to make sure it went to somebody who could actually take it and bring it to the next level.”