The Texas Athletic Commission has overturned a decision in favor of Jessica Eye, much to the delight of Sarah Kaufman.

Eye earned a win over Kaufman last year at UFC 166 in a bout that was much-maligned on social media sites following the verdict.

“A BIG MORNING!” Kaufman posted on Twitter Saturday. “Texas commission just overturned the rest of me vs. Eye to a No Decision! Not my win, but not an undeserved loss either.”

Kaufman commented that she “didn’t file a single thing” when asked if a grievance was made for her to the commission.

“I have no idea what was involved,” she added.

The change moves the former Strikeforce female champions record to 16-2 overall with one no-decision. She has not lost since an early 2012 defeat to current UFC champion Ronda Rousey.

Kaufman also said she has been “begging” for a rematch, adding, “I’ve been pushing for a Jessica Eye rematch since the decision and now that it’s overturned we HAVE to get at each other.”

Eye had a different opinion, posting on Twitter, “My goodness. Never a dull moment in The Evil Eye’s life. Thanks for support, this will be sorted out in due time. Still have new fight to win!” She also said she has not been suspended, which is the normal reason for a decision to be changed by a commission.

Eye (10-1) has a bout with Alexis Davis scheduled for later this month at UFC 170.