It used to be that being a badass fighter made you a star, but we didn’t know any better back then. In time, we learned that being a badass wasn’t enough – you also needed a larger-than-life personality.

Well, the next superstar who’s both a killer in the cage and a stud on the mic is here… and he barely speaks any English.

Teruto Ishihara, folks. In two out of three Octagon appearances, he’s straight-up merked dudes with single soul-stealing punches (see his performance at this weekend’s UFC Fight Night 92). But the magic happens when he gets a microphone stuck in his face, which, on Saturday night, meant him calling out in broken English for some Salt Lake City bitches to make a pile in his room and await his lovin’.

And they did!

This is how I imagine it would be if the late rockstar Prince had a monster left hand and tried out mixed martial arts.