For some time now, many folks have argued that a showdown between UFC light-heavyweight champ Jon Jones and Glover Teixeira was inevitable, and thanks to the latter’s recent win over Ryan Bader, he’s on the verge of a title shot. Sure, Jones could lose to Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 165 this Saturday, but chances are you don’t have your farm, house or even much cash bet on it.

So, due to Teixeira’s ‘are you serious’ 20 fight win streak, Jones has been asked about the Brazilian fighter on more than one occasion. One of the champ’s more widely covered comments was when he said Teixeira was ” a lot like “Rampage, just with better grappling.” So what does Teixeira think of being compared to a man that Jones tapped out in 2011 and lost his last three UFC fights? While speaking to MMA recently, the well rounded fighter stated:

“My style may look like Rampage’s, but you can be sure that I’m hungrier than Rampage to win,” Teixeira said. “This is my moment. I’m very happy for this opportunity and I will get this belt.”

Teixeira was also asked about his recent win over Bader, which although it was a first round stoppage, he did take some pounding shots early on.

“This fight showed that I’m in shape,” the 33 year-old said. “I can take one or two punches, but I will recover. I will do the training that I always do. The only mistake that I made was to come out very aggressively, to start first. You have to let the guy wonder what you’re going to do.

“I was a little upset with the knockdown, [because] I opened myself too much. I saw the punch coming and let him hit me, but I can’t let that happen. That’s why I was a little upset. But I was okay — I got a little dizzy, but recovered quickly. I saw what Bader was doing and knew I’d have the opportunity to knock him out or take him down to work on the ground and pound.”

Although the fight prompted some people to question whether Teixeira is truly a threat to Jones, it’s hard to argue that the 22-2 fighter doesn’t deserve a title shot.

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