We heard Quinton “Rampage” Jackson recently taking shots at his formerly scheduled opponent, Glover Teixeira on Monday’s airing of Inside MMA with Bas Rutten. Teixeira does not seem to pleased with the comments from Jackson.

“Whatever the UFC wants,” Teixeira said. “Rampage is an idol of the sport and good when he trains. It is a fight that will be hard, but I will be ready for him. I’m always ready to fight and I will beat this guy. He is talking about he will destroy me, fighting with two guys in the night. He lost to Forrest Griffin and talking he will fight with Griffin and me on the same night? So I say, this guy is clueless. – via Five Knuckles

Teixeira has also taken concern with the latest fighter to be handed a title shot.

“I think Chael did not deserve that chance, actually. “Glover Teixeira told Tatame.com.br “I really do not like to see his fights. Rampage is right. Sonnen is boring to watch sometimes. Has some fights that are good, but very few. It is usually a boring fight, but the guy speaks and sells fights.

“For anyone who does not talk much, you have to work hard. Chuck (Liddell) never talked much, but others struggled. Anderson does not talk much, but fights well too. We have to do this. I do not like to talk. We, Brazilians, have more shame. We are ashamed of it. These guys are not talking much out of shame (laughs).”

The Brazilian also went on to prediction of  Jones versus Sonnen, come April.

“I think Jon Jones will massacre him,” Teixeira said. “Chael Sonnen will not do anything. I do not see Sonnen winning in any way. It may happen though, because a fight is a fight, but I think it will be quite difficult.”

“I’ll have to talk to me, man (laughs),” Teixeira said. “I hope it is me, but at the moment I’m doing some fights to get more experience. I learned a lot with this fight against Maldonado. Even with the victory, learned a lot. I have to learn more and gain experience to enter the Octagon [against Jones]. One day, I will get there. I’m going to work, doing my best to get there.”