The “Tiny Tornado” – Tecia Torres – almost didn’t get to fight at UFC 194 when her original opponent (Michelle Waterson) fell prey to injury. Thankfully, Jocelyn Jones-Lybarger stepped up on short notice, and gave Torres a decent fight.

Taller, with lankier arms and a game hinged upon being able to punch her foes from a mile away, Jones-Lybarger provided a tough riddle for the shorter Torres to solve throughout the fight. And for the briefest of moments, it appeared as if Jones-Lybarger was close to attempting to take a page from the Holly Holm Book of Death and Destruction.

Torres is a wise veteran at this point in her career, though, and begin keeping her head off her centerline, and continually pressed Jones-Lybarger against the cage to batter her silly.

At no point was the taller girl out of the fight, but this one ended up being all Torres once she figured out how to win. When time ran out the judges gave it to Torres all across the board.