Japanese karate man Tatsuya Kawajiri has had a rough go of things since joining the UFC. Thank goodness the UFC’s matchmakers tossed him a softball in the form of terminal guard player Jason Knight.

Not counting when they sat on stools in between rounds, Kawajiri and Knight spent their entire existence within the Octagon at the TUF 22 Finale on the canvas, with Kawajiri in Knight’s guard. Once, early on, Knight had a crafty triangle choke in place. But Kawajiri remained calm and slowly worked out of it, and then lightly punished his foe from on top.

Three rounds of that, folks. They gave us three rounds, despite this being 2015 and the fight game having evolved far from those simpler (and more boring) days when no one knew how to pass a guard.

Anyway, Kawajiri took the unanimous decision. Hey, at least he got a win.