It looks like the reason Dan Henderson may have lost to Lyoto Machida and the reason that his training partner Tarec Saffiedine turned down a fight with Carlos Condit were very similar. Injuries. The problem that has plagued the UFC since last year. In Saffiedine’s case, the choice to turn down the fight was not an easy one, but it was necessary.

The main reason is, I’m not 100-percent healthy. I have a couple of injuries that have been nagging and I had to take care of. And so, I had to unfortunately turn down the fight. It was too short to heal my injury and be ready for the fight. With healthy and a longer camp, I would love to take the fight. But, unfortunately, that’s the reason why I had to turn it down.”

The choice to drop out of a second straight fight for Henderson was not as easy. Henderson famously had to drop out of his title fight with Jon Jones, and the prospect of losing out on another title shot must have spurred Henderson to fight injured. According to Saffiedine, Henderson may have not been 100 percent for his fight.

“Dan is always 100-percent in his mind. But his body, you know, his body wasn’t — I don’t know if I can say it — but it wasn’t 100-percent healthy. But Dan, whatever is going on with his body, is always 100-percent going into a fight mentally.”

Saffiedine says he will be ready to fight soon, and he hopes to get a big fight.  The problem with Henderson still not being 100 percent, having fought only once in a year and a half, and the constant injuries may mean that TRT is not helping his recovery. Is it time for Henderson to hang up the gloves?

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