In 2004, there was a cop in Georgia who’d done somewhat well for himself in the minor leagues, but since he hadn’t quite made it up to the UFC, he was on the verge of quitting the sport altogether. Then came the opportunity of a lifetime: to take part in an experimental reality TV show where a bunch of dudes would live in a house in Las Vegas… and fight each other. That cop was Forrest Griffin, and that show was The Ultimate Fighter. Of course, as everyone knows, Griffin went on to win that inaugural season, and his battle at the finale with Stephan Bonnar is credited with opening up the MMA industry to the general public and making what was up to then a fringe athletic endeavor into a bonafide big business.

Before he retired last year, Griffin managed many more feats both wondrous and remarkable, including a brief stint as UFC light-heavyweight champ, a gig coaching a season of TUF, and a book on the New York Times bestseller list. Crazy, huh? Anyway, in honor of Griffin and all he’s done, there’s a documentary of him on UFC Fight Pass. Here’s a preview of it: