TMZ – the greatest source of news for all things related to MMA – was on hand at a Las Vegas nightclub the weekend before last to witness a UFC fighter get completely owned by a nobody, and man is it embarrassing.

The fighter in question is Cody Gibson, who in three Octagon outings has defeated Johnny Bedford but crapped the bed against Aljamain Sterling and, at UFC 178, lost to Manny Gamburyan. As per the video TMZ posted, Gibson got into it with some random bar patron, and though he attempted to ward off the impending violence with the new catchphrase “Google me, bitch!” he eats a knuckle sandwich for his troubles.

Watch the video here.

This is a clear indication of the problem that now exists because of the UFC’s oversaturation of the market. Back in the good old days, there were fewer shows and therefore fewer fighters who could claim the mantle of “UFC fighter”. That made for a more elite class of pugilist. Now… now any schmoe can claim to be an Octagon veteran, and subsequently get made a fool of by a stranger in a bar.

Seriously, what do you think happened to idiots who messed with Chuck Liddell? If someone clocked “The Iceman”, TMZ would have been posting videos of Liddell ripping out someone’s spine while yelling “Fatality!” Kids these days…