Just a few short weeks ago, Jose Canseco tried to enter the world of MMA and was pretty much laughed at. Now, in a recent interview, Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker stated that he wasn’t completely opposed to Canseco entering into the sport.

Coker was heard recently telling MMA Junkie;

“I can tell you this: If Cesar Gracie says to me, ‘Jose’s training with me, I’m going to get him ready, and I’m going to do it in four or five months,’ and Cesar’s telling me this? That will have a lot of weight on what we decide.”

Both Jose Canseco and Cesar Gracie met with Coker last month to discuss a possible fight with Strikeforce. Many things were discussed, but no contract came out of the meeting. And after the meeting, Coker stated that he had no thoughts of signing Canseco. His future in the MMA world seemed bleak.

But Cesar Gracie stated that he doesn’t want to give Jose just any fight, it has to be a good matchup.

“It’s kind of a tough situation where I’m not his manager-I’m not trying to push for anything,” Gracie said. “I’m not trying to make a fight happen because I’m not a promoter and I’m not a manager. My role in this is strictly that if a fight gets signed, I’ll be training him. If not, I won’t because he doesn’t live up here.

It’s the challenge, to have to OK against another guy his age, with Herschel. I would never train him to be a serious contender. That’s ridiculous. Why would I waste my time?”

When Jose came back to the LA area recently, Gracie give him a list of schools he could train at, but other than that, nothing else seems to be happening with Canseco’s MMA “career.”

“Scott said if Jose wants to train, he’ll put him in a Challenger series if it’s not the Herschel Walker fight,” Gracie said. “There are a couple of other organizations that are interested in Jose that I’m meeting with next week.”