Josh Thomson and the Diaz brothers have had their fair share of issues in the past.

So, when Thomson’s Twitter account showed a post reflecting his displeasure with Nick Diaz, it didn’t seem completely out of the ordinary. The former champion has used social media in the past to “discuss” his fighting career with the likes of Anthony Pettis and others.

Thomson, though, retracted when he stated that his phone was stolen and the post in question was not made by him. Here’s what first appeared on his page:

“I knocked out your brother, I’ll knock ur (expletive) ass out in San Jose July 26th. Let’s do it (expletive), San Jose vs. Stockton. Yup, (Expletive) U NICK DIAZ!”

Nick Diaz announced his retirement and has turned down a handful of opportunities to return to the Octagon. Thomson is coming off a loss to Benson Henderson via decision, but bested Nate Diaz last year via knockout.

Thomson took to Twitter to explain what happened, saying, “People that know me, know I wouldn’t ever talk about a fighter like this. My phone was stolen last night while at dinner. I respect every fighter and especially the Diaz brothers. Nate and Nick always been cool guys to me and nothing bad to say. My apologies to anyone who was offended by the tweets and texts.”

So, do you believe him? Or did Thomson just use the “hack,” “stolen” or other clever word as an escape after he realized the backlash coming his way over the messages?