It may have not been highly contested by the fans, but UFC President Dana White seems to have not agreed with the decision given to Michael Bisping over Brian Stann at Saturday’s UFC 152 card. Of course, as fighters will usually say, Stann himself thought he won the three round war as well.

“[I’m] disappointed obviously. Dana came back after the fight and told me he thought I won the fight. Of course I am going to be biased, I was in there and I thought I won. I have to take an analytical view. I knew it was going to be close, but I thought I won the fight. I think I could still fight the good contenders, I don’t think I go back to fighting the up and comers. I think if I get two big wins in a row, I can get right back to a fight that means something. There are a lot of us to who have gotten there, fall down and then come back. That is what I have to do. – Via MMA Torch

Stumbling Bisping late in the first with a big hook, Stann was unable to capitalize as his opponent was able to survive the round. Whatever criteria the judges were using that night, it was not in Stann’s favor as he lost a unanimous decision of 29-28 across the board. Here’s the fight highlights for you to reconsider the video.