It’s pretty hard to top how Junior dos Santos locked up another fight with Cain Velasquez at UFC 160, as the former champ sent a collective gasp throughout the MMA world by blasting Mark Hunt with a spinning hook kick. Not only did it ensure he would fight the heavyweight champ for a third time, but it served noticed that Mr. Santos has some new tools he could bust out on October 19th.

So, is the camp of Velasquez concerned about what dos Santos will bring into the cage at UFC 166? Well, in a recent report from MMA, here’s what the champ’s renowned coach Javier Mendez had to say about that very subject.

“But Cain has improved as well since the last fight,” said Mendez. “His jiu-jitsu is better. His striking his better. His wrestling skill is about the same, because he started as a high-level wrestler. But his wrestling is sharp training with Daniel Cormier.”

While Hunt is a ridiculously rugged fighter who can end any fighter’s night with one shot, he doesn’t possess the awe inspiring athleticism and wrestling skills that Velasquez does. As we saw in Velasquez-dos Santos II, the latter had more than a few difficulties in matching the champ’s diverse assault. Velasquez also relayed that he’s continued to work on his cardio for bout III, so that he doesn’t get tired like he did at UFC 155.

“I do five rounds in training all the time, and when it’s over, I’m ready to do two more,”

It’s going to be a fascinating night. UFC 166 will go down at Houston’s Toyota Center Saturday night.

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