If you ask most MMA fans if they’ve been impressed by Glover Teixeira thus far in the UFC, chances are they’ll respond with a resounding yes. After all, Teixeira has cruised through the opposition he’s faced to date in the Octagon and has showcased great striking, solid wrestling and a finishing submission game while doing it. This is why many people believe that after Alexander Gustfasson throws down with Jon Jones at UFC 165, Teixeira will be the next man to challenge for the light-heavyweight belt.

Of course, the #3 ranked light-heavyweight has to get through Ryan Bader at UFN 27 first, who has demonstrated pretty significant stopping skills in his own right. So what does Teixeira’s coach, John Hackelman think of Bader’s chances Wednesday night? Well, while speaking to MMA Fighting.com, here is what the renowned trainer had to say about Bader and the likelihood of an upset.

“I just think that Glover has too much power, too much punching, his wrestling defense is good enough to thwart any of Bader’s attempts,” he said. “I’m sure Bader’s going to try to keep it standing to lull Glover into some kind of comfort like it’s going to be standing and then he’s going to go in for shots, but I think Glover’s a little too sharp for that. He hits too hard. He hits too hard, basically. If he does end up on his back, he’s going to get right back up. He’s a world-class jiu-jitsu black belt.”

“I just don’t see a scenario where Bader’s going to come out on top in this one.”

And it appears the betting lines agree with Hackelman, and many others, as Bader is a sizeable underdog going into the bout in the range of +325 to +350. We’ll find out soon whether “Darth” can pull off the upset. If he does, things could get really interesting at 205.

UFN 27 will take place in Belo Horizonte, Brazil and will be broadcast in the U.S. on FOX Sports 1. Stay tuned to Caged Insider.com for all your UFC news and coverage.