If you missed it, Wanderlei Silva recently kept his feud with Chael Sonnen on the front burner, by releasing a video which showed him confronting the “American Gangster” at a Mr. Olympia event. Yes, even though Sonnen is set to fight Rashad Evans at UFC 167, “Wand” is still campaigning for a scrap with his rival and is doing a pretty nice job of it.

Now personally, I thought the whole thing seemed just a wee bit set-up, but it looks like plenty of fans and media outlets think the confrontation was completely legit. This doesn’t mean the two don’t dislike each other of course, and in the latest edition of “UFC Tonight”, here’s what Sonnen had to say about his recent run-in with Silva.

“I’m all for him having a little fun. But a little advice: if you’re going to do a publicity stunt, do not bring your own camera, it looks staged. It insults your audience. Accosting a gangster can be hazardous. If you want to have a conventional interview, we at UFC TONIGHT will pay your way to come on the show.”

Isn’t it interesting that Sonnen touched on the ‘staged’ issue? At any rate, plenty of drama has gone down now between Silva and Sonnen, and both men are certainly doing their part to promote a future bout. If and when it does happen, it should be a big one.

First things first, however, Sonnen will take on the former light-heavyweight champ Evans. That should be a tough test for the former middleweight contender, considering the well rounded game of Evans.

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