Although Chael Sonnen was unable to launch any significant offence during his UFC 159 bout with Jon Jones, and was defeated in the opening round, the highly regarded fighter would apparently like another shot at the UFC light-heavyweight champ. Part of the reason is that according to the charismatic veteran, their April 27th bout was stopped prematurely.

While speaking at a recent UFC Q&A event, Sonnen relayed that he believed the fight “was stopped too early”, before adding (quotes via MMA

“Anytime you’re in that type of competition, whether you agree with it or you don’t agree with it, you get up and you walk out because those are the rules. I’ve won plenty of fights where they stopped them too early, so it goes both ways.  Yes, it was stopped too early.”

“You’ve got to understand, I stayed to fight.  I walked out of the ring.  That’s more than I can say for Jon Jones. I stayed to fight.  His little piggy ran to the market.  And I’m supposed to somehow be impressed because he got a couple of takedowns?

Classic Sonnen. The 36 year old vet was also asked if he’s interesting in rematching the new, #1 P4P fighter (according to the UFC rankings), and while Sonnen said yes, he also added he “has his hands full with a true legend named “Shogun” in about a month.”

That’s some high praise for Mauricio Rua, who Sonnen will fight at the first UFC on FOX Sports 1 card, August 17th in Boston. That’s a big fight with a ton riding on it for both men.