Although it looked as though Wanderlei Silva was down with Chael Sonnen’s recent callout on “UFC Tonight”, the latter has extended a 24 hour deadline to Silva to get the all-star bout signed.

Sonnen has extended Silva this little “reminder” about his proposal via Twitter by stating:

“Wand- you have 24 hours to accept. If you do, I will donate 10% of my purse to help schools in your hometown of Curitiba .. I mean, VEGAS.”

Naturally there had to be a joke or two in there, otherwise you might question whether Sonnen actually wrote it. After Sonnen originally called out Silva, the former PRIDE champ responded via Twitter by saying “let’s go” and by relaying that real men “talk face-to-face.” There has also been speculation that the fight could be pencilled in for August 17th, at the upcoming UFC on FOX Sports 1 card in Boston.

All this aside, it looks as though the fight has not been signed yet, but it’s hard to imagine it not getting done sone. It’s too big of a bout not to happen, especially at this stage of both men’s careers.

Photo Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports