Although it’s been a while now since Wanderlei Silva released the now viral vid showing him confront Chael Sonnen, the latter continues to field questions about the incident. No wonder “The American Gangster” has acknowledged Silva’s a “distraction” heading into his UFC 167 bout with Rashad Evans.

Since the two faced off at a Mr. Olympia event in Las Vegas, Nevada, Sonnen has consistently insisted he wasn’t in on the stunt. While speaking to Radio recently, Sonnen claimed an unsanctioned fight with Silva would have gone down right then and there, if the PRIDE legend had laid one finger on him.

“I don’t like street fighting,” Sonnen said. “I don’t like to hear about it. It’s unprofessional and I’m not advocating any of this. However, I will not let a guy within arm’s distance. Wanderlei, if his finger he was pointing touched me, I would have put him down right there. I would have had no choice. I must defend myself. And he had three friends — these odds aren’t great for me. I want to take down as many of these scumbags as I can while I can.”

“I’ve got a guy that calls himself an ‘Axe Murderer’ pointing a finger at me and he brought three buddies with him,” Sonnen explained. “That’s a problem where I come from. My father taught me the fight doesn’t start when somebody throws a punch. The fight starts as soon as the other guy squares up. Wanderlei squared up.”

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Well, if Silva wanted to make sure people keep talking about a grudge match with Sonnen, it’s definitely mission accomplished.

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