No surprise here as top contender Chael Sonnen continues his barrage of insults towards UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva. Interestingly though Sonnen verifies the rumored June 16th date which is alleged to be in Sao Paulo, Brazil prior to the UFC’s verification. During the interview Sonnen claims to have spoke with Silva’s manager Ed Soares about his belief that Anderson Silva can not last five minutes with him in a ‘cage fitness based workout.’

“I’ll tell you this Ed, before you sign the contract – come and do a workout with me” said Sonnen. Because I guarantee on a cage fitness based workout Anderson Silva couldn’t do five, five. So maybe you should just start with that before you get all big and puffy in the chest and decide to step in the cage with me. Lets change the topic, this turned into a caged fitness commercial. I want to talk about the fact that the Spider is going to get stomped and squashed on June 16th.”