Just as we see Rich Franklin make his return to the middleweight division in which Anderson Silva had banished him from years ago, we see Chael Sonnen considering the transfer to light heavyweight. Since Sonnen like most other fighters are in the game for the big fights and a gold belt, he may need to look to a different weight class for that after losing two times to the current champ.

“This is simply an option to start over by changing weight class,” Sonnen told “UFC Tonight’s” Ariel Helwani. “My mentors have done it, and it could happen. I would go up to 205. Jon Jones. There are some great guys at 185, but traditionally and historically, it is a good way to get a fresh start and start over.”

Should Chael make the final decision to move up in weight, he will be walking around closer to his natural weight, as he walks around 210 lbs. This is a tactic that has proven to be an advantage for fighters like Frankie Edgar and BJ Penn in the past. Sonnen does however still desire a third meet with Silva, but at the current state it would be a hard sell. Either way the true Sonnen is starting to become more evident as he admits that he was appreciative of Silva for the second shot.

“If I had the chance to fight him again, I would definitely take it,” Sonnen said. “I am appreciative of him and of [this] chance he gave me to fight him again and the first time. I was very good for Anderson, but Anderson was very good for me too.”