Just a few months ago there was plenty of buzz about the possibility of Vitor Belfort fighting Chael Sonnen. After all, “The American Gangster” said he was interested in challenging Belfort for his “number one-contender” spot at 185, while “The Phenom” had hoped to face Sonnen at light-heavyweight.

Of course, the fight never happened, as Sonnen will fight Rashad Evans on November 16th and Belfort will battle Dan Henderson on November 9th. But, at a recent Q&A session in Manchester, England, Sonnen made it clear he still hopes to face Belfort at some juncture (comments via MMA Weekly).

“I’ve been trying to fight Vitor for a long time now. And I think Vitor is awesome. I think Vitor is probably the second scariest guy in the UFC right now, right under Jon Jones,” said Sonnen. “But I think he’s beatable. I think I can beat him. And I really don’t care either way. I’m going to go punch him in the face repeatedly.”

Wow. That’s some high praise, but surprisingly Sonnen does not believe Belfort’s improved like many fans and pundits say.

“I can tell you Dan is better now than he was then,” Sonnen noted, while referring to Henderson’s 2006 win over Belfort. “I don’t think Vitor is better. I think Vitor was very good back then, but I don’t think he’s better now. I think he’s just got a different haircut.”

Evidently Sonnen doesn’t think the kicks Belfort’s added have made him a better fighter. Although Belfort-Sonnen probably won’t happen any time soon (the latter is already committed to fight Wanderlei Silva after Evans), it will be a huge fight if it ever happens.

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