When Chael Sonnen first learned that Jon Jones refused to take a bout against him in a last minute attempt to save UFC 151 – the first thing Chael had to say was “I knew I’d win the title, but I didn’t know it would be by forfeit.” The usual trash talk that we’ve grown to expect from “The Oregon Gangster,” quickly progressed as the news spread of Jones’ decision. Sonnen had this satirical post put up on his Facebook account, announcing the stoppage of his verbal assault on Jon Jones .

I am no longer permitted to speak ill of the former champion Jon Jones as we have come to an agreement. I will stop tearing him down verbally and in exchange he has relinquished his belt to me. I would like to read a prepared statement from the former Champion.

Mr Sonnen,

In every mans life a choice must eventually be made. Run or fight. I said I wouldn’t duck any man as champion. But you are
no ordinary man. You’ve spoken nothing but truth in your attempt to gain a title fight with me. My last act of cowardness is to hand over what you would have beaten out of me 8 days from today. The UFC LHW Title. Now I must refocus my life. Good luck Champ. Signed, Jon Bones Jones

P.S. I just ordered your best selling book, A Voice of Reason from amazon, I’ve been told by Greg Jackson that it will help me get through this tough time. Thanks