No surprise here. As the “American Gangster”Chael Sonnen joins MMA Uncensored Live, the first question on set of course had to be what’s going on between Rampage and yourself?

“If stupidity was a disease that was treatable by medicine, ‘Rampage’ would be the first one in line at the pharmacy, every morning said Sonnen. If ‘Rampage’ wants to fight with me, let’s fight! But, the reality is, he’s on a two-fight losing streak, he can’t make weight, nobody cares about him, he doesn’t keep his word, and he’s out of the company in a matter of months. If he wants to fight, I accept.”

It may have to be all hype and no fight this time around with Sonnen as Quinton is already scheduled for his final bout with Glover Teixeira on Oct. 13 for UFC 153. Should enough fans call for it, the situation could change as Sonnen plans his move to light heavyweight.

Next question on the bill for Sonnen was in regards to his title shot loss to Anderson Silva.

“You know, I haven’t re-watched the fight, and I probably won’t. I’ve got a vision of what happened, in my head. It hurts. The real problem came when I fell down. I paused. I paused, and I waited for him, and you can’t do that. I can live with a loss, but I just wish I wouldn’t have paused.”

“He did some different things that made it hard. He went backwards a lot, and it’s very difficult to fight someone when they’re not coming forward and fighting with you. In practice, guys don’t usually run away. They come in, and they engage. So, it made it a little bit harder, but I certainly was ready for that. We had envisioned that as being within his skill set.”

Sonnen clears the air on the rumors that he may have been looking for ‘a way out’ of the bout as he shares his only regrets in his gameplan.

“No, I don’t want out of it, right now. I wish I was in that moment, right now. The only thing I would do differently is I would have got him. I would have had to take some punches. That was risk. That’s why I waited for him, but that didn’t work out. I wish I would have gone with the other option, which was to get up and start fighting.”

“It felt like a really long time. That surprises me that it was only a second. I remember sitting there, looking at him. I was watching his hands. All he’s allowed to do is punch in that position. He came with a knee. It caught me off guard, and it kinda ruined the night for me.”

As for the hints at moving to light heavyweight, according to Sonnen it’s all based on the clear path to a title shot.

“I really don’t know. That’s the biggest choice I’m trying to make now: Which has a likely path to the championship? Ultimately, I’ll have to sit down with my coaches. Mike Dolce will weigh in on that. It’s his job to get me to weight. I’ll kinda do as I’m told, more than what I think is right.”