“The Peoples Champ” Chael Sonnen returns to “Off The Record” with Michael Landsberg to continue their awkward banter of who said what. Besides making outrageous call outs for ‘real’ champion fights, Sonnen took seemingly well written shots at the host, such as calling him the ghost of ¬†David Hasselhoff, and my personal favorite.

“You’re the one that came to me with mascara running down your face with a box of chocolates and a DVD wanting to make-up.” You shouldn’t feel bad about it, because sooner or later they all come to the champ, and they all kiss the ring .¬†

Sonnen is scheduled to fight Mark Munoz at UFC on Fox 2, at the United Center in Chicago, Ill., on Jan. 28, 2012. The bout is expected to signify a number one title contender to Anderson Silva’s middleweight belt. Though Sonnen may joke of jumping divisions to fight other champions, it is likely that should Sonnen defeat Munoz, we would see Silva vs Sonnen II take place in Brazil in 2012.