If you hadn’t heard — reports surfaced that Chael P. Sonnen had entered the cage against Rashad Evans just 24 hours after undergoing serious surgery as he had “several inches of his colon removed” according to Canadian media outlet TSN report. Here’s what “The Oregon Gangster” had told TSN when confronted.

“It’s a little bit of a surprise that you had that information,” Sonnen told TSN.

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Sonnen has not denied the report, but he did voice a “furious” response that his personal medical records have been released during a recent interview with FOX.

“My personal medical business is just that, personal,” Sonnen told FOX Sports. “I’m furious that they were given this information.”

Of course this doesn’t shine the best light on the Nevada Athletic Commission, who had approved Sonnen for the bout. Here’s what the NSAC executive director Keith Kizer had to say in response to the news.

“It’s not uncommon for fighters to make excuses up after they get beat up in competition,” Kizer said. “I hope that’s what this is.”

If true, the bout may have been greatly handicapped in Evan’s favor, which explain the one-sided beating the former contender received. Of course this also shows Sonnen keeping to his word — if true.

“When I sign a contract to fight, I’m agreeing to fight a guy on a certain day at a certain time and in a certain venue,” Sonnen said on TSN. “It’s my job to feel good when I go out and do it and if I don’t that may play a hand in the fight.”